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      1. Welcome To Jiaozuo Weina Technology CO,.LTD. Official website!
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          Jiaozuo Weina Technology CO,.LTD.

            JIAOZUO WEINA TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD a high-tech shareholding company with 40 technicians,also high-new technology enterprise of China.With advanced process of liquid-phase coprecipitation,we have advanced the chemical stability of zirconium...[More]
        • 08-04
        • 2017
        • 焦作市維納科技有限公司---公告...
        •        關于焦作市維納科技有限公司,年產3000噸穩定氧化鋯結構陶瓷項目環境影響評價報告表的信...
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        • 07-31
        • 2017
        • About 100 thousand years ...
        • About 100 thousand years / year of China Jiaozuo Nano Technology Co., Ltd. all c...
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        • 07-09
        • 2017
        • Congratulations to our co...
        •     Our company magnesium zirconium products have started mass pr...
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